Pinkfong Baby Shark Live Musical

Pinkfong Baby Shark Live Musical

What is Pinkfong

PINKFONG is an adorable fox with boundless curiosity! With PINKFONG, every day is a new adventure. The PINKFONG brand represents the content we make to help children explore the world, ranging from short songs to long animation stories, as well as toys and books.

Live Shows

PINKFONG is creating a new wave of children’s entertainment with shows that feature singing and dancing. PINKFONG’S live music shows incorporate colorful led lights with fabulous music and performance enter PINKFONG’S magical world and enjoy the show with the whole family.

Success Story of Pinkfong

PINKFONG visits children’s favorite spots that they want to know more about. Children can physically experience the interesting places they like to visit, such as the theatres, sports stadiums, shopping malls, and amusement parks. PINKFONG is going around asia on a concert tour to meet more fans! The concert has been held in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines with great success.

Pinkfong Baby Shark Live Musical


In the far far ocean land, the shark family has been living peacefully along with their marine neighbors, until the playful little BABY SHARK disappears! Daddy shark immediately calls PINKFONG for help in finding the missing BABY SHARK to bring BABY SHARK back to its family safely, PINKFONG and his brave friends embark on an adventurous journey. On their way to the far far ocean land, PINKFONG and his friends encounter dangerous situations.

Baby Shark Live Musical

The Shark family lives peacefully in ocean land, when one day, the little baby shark goes missing! Help comes in the form of PINKFONG and gang, and they embark on a dangerous journey to rescue BABY SHARK.

The young ones everywhere are going to love this as BABY SHARK and gang will be rocking up to Jakarta this October for a Live Musical!

The contagious ’BABY SHARK’ songs has gotten many wringgles out of diaper-wearing butts, and those tiny feet wont be able to stop bopping at this show. The original cast and crew from south Korea are set to entertain your little juniors in a 65-minute song and dance performance.