Tamagochill – Time to go chill

21.11.2019 Tennis Indoor Senayan, Jakarta

What’s better than to have a chance to relive your best of times? We may live in the now but relics of the past has never been better as it is NOW MAKING A COMEBACK! ‘NOSTALGIA’ is the word; we may visit the era of love, friendships and heartbreaks more than you think- so let’s make the best of it and SING OUR HEART OUT on the night full of BEST MEMORIES with friends and families!

Tamagochill is a music festival that brings you the concept of nostalgia, with a new splash of FUN. With the motto of “it’s Time to go chill”, this Music Festival brings KARAOKE NIGHT more alive than ever! Marking as the FIRST Karaoke Night Music Festival ever in Jakarta- Tamagochill offers a night full of sing along(s) like never before with your favorite Music Artists.

Witness the MOST DYNAMIC Music artists in the lineup of Tamagochill, bringing you the good vibes of all kinds of emotions you might ride with us! Experience the chill vibes- and THE CRAZY vibes full of your favorite best songs TO SING ALONG! RE-LIVE your best memories with us while making a NEW BEST one!